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We are a community of 38 Sisters, 2 Benedictine Associates, 185 Oblates, family and friends. We belong to a Federation of Benedictine Communities located throughout the world. Our life consists of prayer and service. We work in schools, parishes, nursing homes and our Benedictine Retreat Center which offers retreats and spiritual direction. Maple Tree  Monastery Childcare Center is located on our campus. We support the spiritual growth of people of all faith traditions and help them find God in their daily life. Please join us for prayer, programs, retreats or special events. All are welcomed as Christ. My motto as the 11th Prioress of St. Paul’s Monastery is, “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your heart.” Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue.

           Sister Paula Hagen, OSB, Prioress

New Exhibit Opens November 24th at St. Paul's Monastery Gallery
Superior Light: Pastel Paintings

by Rita Beyer Corrigan
 Open 9a-6p daily 

For as long as she can remember, Rita Beyer Corrigan has been fascinated with art making. Drawing and painting have always seemed to take her out of the sometimes-mundane reality of everyday life. For a long while she worked primarily from photographs and used pastel sticks, blended one stroke on top of another, to achieve depth of color. She has also learned through experience the power of working intuitively with color and paper and bare hands. Today she continues to find inspiration in the cloud formations and sunsets of Lake Superior, exploring methods.



Call for Artists: The Art and Spirituality Team of St. Paul's Monastery invites all artists to submit sacred art for the 2015 Seeing God juried exhibit. Deadline for submissions: 1/13/16

For More Information

(Picture from the 2015 exhibit)


Seeing God A Juried Exhibit of Sacred Art

 Exhibit Opens March 2016


Exciting New Opportunity from the Benedictine Center:

2016 Pilgrimage to South Korea, Land of the Morning Calm

May 23 - June 2, 2016

Estimated cost $3,195.00

(includes transportation, lodging and meals)

This pilgrimage offers an intimate number of particpants the opportunity to experience the global character of Christianity through the lens of Korean Benedictine life. The values will be familiar, but the cultural context is entirely new. Encounter the stirring language, landscape, heritage, and flavors of South Korea as an universal invitation to prayer and renewal. Pilgrims will be accompanied by Missionary Benedictines in Seoul and Daegu, as well as Sam Rahberg and Sister Carol Rennie, OSB. 

Email: for more details.


Upcoming Events

Monastery Events:

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Christmas at the Monastery

The committee has been planning opportunities for this year's event on Saturday, December 12th       from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Celebrate Christmas with the Sisters while raising essential funds for them and their ministries.   Register Online


Benedictine Center:             
   In the Wilderness: Preparing the Way of the Lord (Lk 3:1–6)
Tues., Dec. 15, 7-9p
Fr. Michael Byron
$25  Register online.  
This Advent, join Fr. Michael Byron, a talented theologian and a beloved pastor, to hear the word of God spoken into your own wilderness and respond to the call to prepare for the coming of Christ.                               




Statue of St. Benedict arrives!

Come to St. Paul's Monastery to see this

beautiful sculpture.



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October Highlights

First Joint Staff In-Service Day

On October 28th, the Monastic Leadership and the Benedictine Center gathered all Department Heads for an in-service day facilitated by Diane Millis on the topic of Deepening Engagement: To Live Fully and Lead Authentically. The event allowed participants to explore the wisdom of listening and leading with purpose, meaning, and joy. Through the sharing of stories, listening and heart-awakening questions, the group experienced a process that strenghtened staff inter-personal relationships, their understanding of their personal leadership style, and the value of sharing their stories.


Oblate Candidates Enroll at Evening Praise

On October 15th, 8 men and women formally enrolled in the Initial Oblate Formation Process. Please pray for our Candidates as they learn and practice how to live as Benedictines in the world. The Candidiates are: Annette Doepner, Michael Kassner, Kay Koehler, Carmen Nielson, Gwen Odney, Elizabeth Pangerl, David "Mike" Rowe, and Paul Tillman. If you would like to know more about Benedictine Oblates got to our website - Oblates.

More pictures of the day are available on our Facebook page.


Sister Paula Hagen facilitated a Benedictine Prayer Experience at Hill- Murray School Staff Day 

On October 2nd, The Hill Murray Staff gathered in the school chapel for prayer.

Sister Paula introduced the practice of Lectio Divina and the history of St. Benedict using lectio to educate monks in Scripture. She provided insight into the practice and invited all to experience it personally and to use it in their daily prayer.



Sister Story

Sister Laverne Hudalla and Sister Marie Fujan have shared their story and insights with Sister Story. Sister Story is a national campaign aimed at broadening awareness of Catholic sisters.

To watch Sister Laverne Hudalla click here.

To watch Sister Marie Fujan click here.

To watch Sister Virginia Matter click here.

To watch Sister Louise Inhofer click here.


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The Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery

Today, 38 Sisters live at St. Paul's Monastery.  We work and pray together, care for one another and those in need. We are dedicated to receiving all as Christ and providing a place where everyone can discover peace and meet God through prayer, reflection and serving those in need.

Our foremost ministry is prayer. We pray in community three times a day and also spend time in private reflection and prayer. You are invited to join us for our liturgical celebrations. In addition, the Community currently sponsors two ministries: the Benedictine Center and Maple Tree Monastery Childcare Center. Furthermore, the Sisters engage in their personal ministries in schools, parishes and local non-profits.

Links and Resources

The Order of St. Benedict

The Rule of St. Benedict

The Rule of St. Benedict as lived by the Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery

The Federation of Saint Benedict

Alliance for International Monasticim (AIM) - USA

Sisters Online - Sisters internetting for global kinship

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