Monasticism and CSPB Arts

Mother and Child by S. Sarah Voss

From their earliest days, Benedictine monasteries have supported the arts. Benedictines appreciate beauty as a window into the presence of God, and the practice of making art itself as a spiritual discipline. (Image at right: Mother and Child by S. Sarah Voss OSB)

Benedictine Artists
(The Rule of St. Benedict, Ch. 57)
"If there are artisans in the monastery, let them practice their crafts with all humility..."


An Artist of St. Paul's Monastery

S. Sarah Voss OSB



Art Ministry: CSPB Arts  


faith-based experiences in creativity


CSPB abbreviates the Latin phrase, "The cross of our Father Benedict" and grounds this ministry of S. Sarah Voss OSB in the mission of St. Paul's Monastery. In settings infused with Benedictine spirituality, CSPB arts offers sacred spaces for women and men of any denomination to integrate faith and art.


Creativity increases as one ages... S. Sarah

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CSPB Two-Part Developmental Process for Creativity
choose one or both

by S. Sarah

Award winning artist S. Sarah Voss OSB conducts 90-min. classes in ceramics, painting, and/or drawing which include instruction, individualized follow-up assignments, and constructive criticism of work completed. A full-day retreat (8:30a-4:30p) begins at CSPB studios and breaks for midday prayer and lunch with the Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery.
Suggested Donation: $35 Suggested Donation: $75  

Tower of Babel
by S. Sarah

Additional Benefits

  • college-level instruction with respect for varied level of skills and inter-denominational backgrounds
  • freedom to choose from a variety of mediums
  • high quality of experience at a fraction of college costs
  • personalized development plans
  • a third part to the process is in the plans
Registration Information
  • new series begins with a minimum of three and a maximum of four participants)
  • participants are responsible for their own materials
  • list of classes and brochure are available on request (651.207.8366)

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