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Something More

by Sam Rahberg, Director

Guests to St. Paul’s Monastery often say, “I find myself looking for something more” as they describe what has led them to the Benedictine Center.

Individuals may have noticed themselves to be frazzled and stretched or restless and full of questions. "Something more" seems to capture the impulse that draws them toward spiritual direction, a private retreat, or conversations with others about how spiritual things unfold into everyday life.

The monastic way of life creates both a rhythm and a sense of companionship that undergirds our common desire to be and to live in deeper relationship with God. Guests come to the monastery, not because Sisters and staff provide all the answers, but because those who seek “something more” feel at home here.

To explore the resources available to you through St. Paul’s Monastery, browse this website, plan a visit, and contact the Benedictine Center. God may just be inviting you to “something more.”

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Welcoming All Guests

The Benedictine Center welcome guests to the monastic community's home at the northeast corner of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Reflections from Others

"Our time was peaceful and beautiful and blessed."


"Thank you for the retreat. It was refreshing, renewing, restful, and helpful."


"My first time at the Benedictine Center was a most wonderful experience! It was a wonderful time of quiet, solitude, and peace. I hope to be back!"  


"The Center has been an immense contributor to my spiritual development...and I am on the path Home.”   


“I have had just the right balance of solitude and community. What a blessing to be able to be apart without feeling alone on my journey.”



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The School of Lectio Divina

Feb. 19-25, 2016 with Kathleen Cahalan

$700 includes lodging and meals

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2016 Seeing God

Juried Exhibit of Sacred Art

various artists

Exhibit open 9a-6p daily thru Mar. 4


(+ indicates additional dates)
13   Living Life Wide Awake
14 15 Shape of the Divine: Retreat with Clay
19   Taizé Prayer
19 24 School of Lectio Divina
27   Tending the Artist's Heart
4 5 Befriending Your Limits
8   Dementia Support Group
8   Life!--What's Death Got to Do With It?
10   Psyche and Spirit: The Monastic Archetype and C. G. Jung
11   Bio Spiritual Focusing Basics
11   Thomas Merton: Solitude, True Self and Compassion
12   The Benedictine Way: A Wise, Generous and Compassionate Tradition
18   Taizé Prayer
24 26 A Guided Retreat through the Triduum
1 3 Hermitage Retreat
2   A Day of Quiet and Solitude
7   Prioress Dinner
8   Co-Workers In The Vineyard: Words And Images Of Lay Ecclesial Ministers
12   Dementia Support Group
15   Taizé Prayer
16   Co-Workers In The Vineyard: Words And Images Of Lay Ecclesial Ministers
17   Good Zeal and Beginnings: The Rule of St. Benedict
19   Love One Another: The Call to True Discipleship (Jn 13:31-35)
5   Great Conversation: Waiting for a New Calling
10   Dementia Support Group
12   Come, Holy Spirit, Come
13   Living Waters: A Fly Fishing Retreat
20   Taizé Prayer
23-6/2   Pilgrimage to South Korea
14   Dementia Support Group
17   Taizé Prayer
12   Dementia Support Group
15   Taizé Prayer
9   Dementia Support Group
12 17 Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina Retreat
19   Taizé Reflection: The Questions of Jesus
19   Taizé Prayer



The Way Forward: A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations was written by Victor Klimoski and edited by Samuel Rahberg.


Those new to Benedictine wisdom will find the invitation to move closer to a discerning life guided by the Gospel.

For those who already know well the Benedictine Way, these prayerful readings demonstrate the application of monastic values and provide encouragement for the long journey.

Proceeds benefit the ministries of St. Paul's Monastery's Benedictine Center and Saint John's Conversatio.


Purchase at
($7.90, free shipping over $35) 



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