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Morning Prayer (adapted) by Karen Kurka Jensen
from the current exhibit "Atmosphere" by Karen Kurka Jensen
Sept. 9 - 22, 2014
Meditation: Carrying Silence

"I began, slowly, to make sense of our gathering together on Sunday morning, recognizing, however dimly, that church is to be participated in and not consumed. The point is not what one gets out of it, but the worship of God; the service takes place both because of and despite the needs, strengths, and frailties of the people present. How else could it be?"


The summer pilgrimage to Wales underscored the impact landscape has upon our spiritual lives, a theme carried forward richly in Kathleen Norris' much praised Dakota: A Spiritual Geography (Houghton Mifflin, 1993).

Grace by Karen Kurka Jensen
Reception with Artist on Sept. 14...
Atmosphere: As High As
The Heavens Are Above The Earth
The Sumi-e Paintings of Karen Kurka Jensen
Exhibit open 9a-6p daily thru Nov. 21
Freewill offering
Join Karen Kurka Jensen for an artist's reception with refreshments on Sun., Sept. 14, 1-2:30p at St. Paul's Monastery. No registration necessary.
For centuries, Sumi-e (soo-mee-ay) has been the medium of expressing marvelous beauty. Sumi-e is the Asian word for "ink picture." Kurka Jensen writes:

"Busy in our world of appointments, cell phones, emails and texts, we forget to look up, we forget to slow down and just quietly look. To look up and marvel at the majesty, immenseness and power of the glorious world we live spend a few moments and look inward to witness another miracle of infinite depth, wisdom and beauty. How can we not know that we are loved? Look up."

Benedictine Center Releases New Publication
2014-2015 Offerings Now Online
If you have not received a hard copy of the new Listen publication and would like one, please email the Benedictine Center. Alternatively, download a PDF copy using the link below or  explore online the upcoming opportunities for retreat, prayer, and rich conversation.
Just Around the Corner
Shape of the Divine: Working with Clay as Spiritual Practice
Mondays, 6:30-8:15p, Sept. 15 thru Oct. 20
S. Virginia Matter OSB
$150 includes materials
Under the direction of an experienced potter and gentle teacher, learn how making hand-built vessels can be a process of meditation. Register online.


Nurturing Peace on Your Spiritual Journey
Tues., Sept. 16, 6-9p
S. Paula Hagen OSB, Prioress
Who among us has not caught a whiff of peace or calm and wondered, "Why can't the rest of my life be more like this?" Offering quiet blended with discussion, this retreat helps participants celebrate the peace which Christ brings and practice skills for cultivating that peace within our busy lives. Register online.


Great Conversation: How Do We Remain Steadfast in the Messiness of Life?
Thurs., Sept. 18, 7-9p
S. Carol Rennie OSB and Mary Janssen Oblate
Freewill offering
Conversation has the power to inspire and transform. It becomes a spiritual discipline when undertaken with trusted companions who are also seeking ways to remain faithful and well-grounded as Christian disciples in a turbulent world. S. Carol Rennie OSB, a spiritual director, and Mary Janssen, a teacher and Oblate, invite you to that kind of rich spiritual conversation. A brief reflection will lead into dialogue. Limited to 12 participants. Register online.


taizecross Pre-Taizé Prayer Gathering for Adults Mid-Twenties to Early Forties
Fri., Sept. 19, 6-7p
Freewill offering
Sam Rahberg and Kelly Czajka
In the United States the Community of Taizé is known best for its music. Throughout the rest of the world, however, the Community of Taizé is known for their ministry to young people. In the spirit of Taizé's unwavering commitment to the unique spiritual journeys of the younger generations, the Benedictine Center invites adults between the ages of 25-40 to gather before joining the monastic community for prayer. A brief insight or two about Taizé will be followed by an informal time of refreshments and conversation. Register online.


Attentive Companions: Spiritual Direction and the Journey with God
Tues., Sept. 23, 7-9p
Spiritual Direction Staff
Freewill Offering
No one can walk our spiritual journey for us. We enter, one by one, into the presence of the mystery of God and listen wholeheartedly to what God asks of us. But that journey need not be alone. There are times when having a companion who listens to us and who helps us to listen to ourselves sharpens our ability to listen to the voice of God. This workshop offers those new to spiritual direction a place to start and those experienced with spiritual direction insight into making the most of each session. Register online.


Recommended Reading
The Way Forward: A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations
This collection of timeless meditations connects Benedictine values with everyday life. Purchase a print version and get the electronic edition free. Share it among friends. Proceeds benefit the ministries of St. Paul's Monastery's Benedictine Center and Saint John's Conversatio. Purchase print version or Kindle edition at
Matters of Life and Death by Victor Klimoski
or in person at the Benedictine Center

This latest collection of poems by Victor Klimoski reflects on the reality of death without hanging crepe. Ancient spiritual masters always taught that the presence of death as a fact of life should not lead to a bleak fatalism but to a commitment to live more consciously and thus more fully. What that requires is a matter of life.
Upcoming Events
Sam Rahberg
Sam Rahberg, Director
The Benedictine Center shares the monastic heritage of St. Paul's Monastery with all who seek to live with the Gospel as their guide.
Other Events/Resources of Related Interest

Moving Forward: Healing Hurt and Hostility in the Workplace (at Saint John's, Collegeville Sept. 13). Call (320) 309-4410 for more information.


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