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Maggie Thompson
from the current exhibit The Emerging Textile Artist by Maggie Thompson
Aug. 11 - Sept. 7, 2015
Meditation: Tools Matter

A major thief of attentive manual work is anxiety. When we fear the future or dread consequences or regret the past, we are not attentive to the present moment. When we are anxious, we need to remember God's mercy and how privileged we are to have a role in serving God. A thief similar to anxiety is an expectation of a short-term outcome. If our goal is to serve selflessly, to follow Christ even to the cross, any desirable outcome for us would be long-term, a deepening love for God, not a short-term gratification of our own desires.


This excerpt is from S. Meg Funk's book Tools Matter: Beginning the Spiritual Journey(Liturgical Press, 2013. S. Meg recently returned to St. Paul's Monastery for Unceasing Prayer: An Introduction to Various Forms and also the School of Lectio Divina.

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Artists Pre-K thru 12 Exhibited at the Aug. 4 Block Party
Exploring Welcome Through Young Eyes



The Benedictine Center collaborated with leaders from the communities at Century and Larpenteur avenues to exhibit young artists grades Pre-K thru 12 for a one-night-only exhibit on Tues., Aug. 4. As part of the Community Block Party, young artists communicated what they knew about welcome and inspired viewers of all ages. Many thanks to the talented young people who made the exhibit a delight.


When do you feel welcome?

What can we do to welcome others?



Samantha wrote,
"I make people feel welcome by giving them big hugs!"
Exhibit Open 9a-6p Daily
he Emerging Textile Artist (by Maggie Thompson)


Born and raised in Minneapolis, this millennial artist works with an intuitive hand to bridge the multiple cultural influences gathered from her life experiences. Deriving inspiration from the history of her Ojibwe heritage, she explores her own family history in addition to the broader Native American Experience. Her art calls attention to its materiality and challenges viewers' traditional understanding of textiles. She explores the boundaries of textiles by incorporating multimedia elements such as screen printing, photographs and metallic yarns. Thompson is also influenced by a passion for architecture and a sense of order, using straight lines and geometric patterns to intentionally build, as this exhibit demonstrates, a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Learn more. 

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Taizé Reflection: Abiding in the Holy One
Fri., Aug. 21, 10a-8p
S. Carol Rennie OSB and Mary Janssen OblOSB
$40 includes lunch and supper

A time of reflection flowing into the celebration of Taizé prayer and inspired by the anniversary celebrations of that Community. Join a time of abiding in the Holy One in solidarity with all those blessed by the ministry of Taizé. Register online.

Virginia Matter Shape of the Divine: Working with Clay as Spiritual Practice
Mondays, 6:30-8:15p, Sept. 14 thru Oct. 19
S. Virginia Matter OSB
$150 includes materials
Under the direction of an experienced potter and gentle teacher, learn how making hand-built vessels can be a process of meditation. Register online.


Benedictine Living: What is it that Makes the Monastic Vision So Life-Giving?
Tues., Sept. 15, 7-9p
S. Paula Hagen OSB
What is it about the Benedictine way of life that creates such of feeling of safety, welcome and belonging that draws people to community? What makes a person want to drink in the joy of life and the Peace of Christ? Come and experience some answers for yourself and take away the joy of being Benedictine at heart. Register online.


Great Conversation: What is Your Heart's Desire?
Thurs., Sept. 17, 7-9p
S. Carol Rennie OSB and Mary Janssen Oblate
Freewill offering
Conversation has the power to inspire and transform. Carol Rennie OSB, a spiritual director, and Mary Janssen, an Oblate and teacher, invite you to explore the longings of your heart and practice listening to those desires as invitations from God. A brief reflection will lead into dialogue. Limited to 12 participants. Register online. 


Opening for Admin. Assistant


St. Paul's Monastery is looking for an Administrative Assistant to the Prioress.  This position would also provide administrative support to the Sub-Prioress.  This is a part-time position of three half days (12 hours) per week and is not eligible for benefits.  We are hoping for someone to fill 4 hours per day on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. All communications should be made to

Click here for the Job Description.

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