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from the current exhibit We're In America Now! by Fred Amram and Sandra Brick
Jun. 16-29, 2015
Meditation: Tools Matter

If we want to root out negative thoughts that drag us down and away from loving others and God, we need to find a way to prevent thoughts from controlling our minds. In a sense, these thoughts have to be backed out and not allowed to settle in, so that we do not act as if we are our thoughts. Some tools are specifically used to unthink thoughts while other tools are used to think thoughts that replace the afflictive thoughts . . . guard of the heart, watchfulness of thoughts, fasting, dreams, and repentance.


This excerpt is from S. Meg Funk's book Tools Matter: Beginning the Spiritual Journey (Liturgical Press, 2013. S. Meg returns to St. Paul's Monastery on Jul. 9-15 for Unceasing Prayer: An Introduction to Various Forms and the School of Lectio Divina.

Current Exhibit

Fred Amram
Radio Interview: We're In America Now!
by Fred M. B. Amram and Sandra Brick


The artists currently on exhibit were recently interviewed on KFAI about their work and the show now open at the Benedictine Center of St. Paul's Monastery. Click here to listen to the interview.


Fred Amram is a creative writer and award-winning professor of

Sandra Brick

communication and creativity who has published books and essays about his life as a Jew in Nazi Germany and his subsequent assimilation into his American home. He and his wife, Sandra Brick, a teacher and textilist who has exhibited her work on four continents, are on exhibit at St. Paul's Gallery now until July 1. The exhibit is called "We're In America Now!"  

from the current exhibit We're In America Now!
School of Lectio Divina
Fri., Jul. 10, 1p thru Wed., Jul. 15, 1p
S. Meg Funk OSB

(also Feb. 19-25, 2016 with Kathleen Cahalan)
$700 includes lodging and meals 


If you have been waiting to join S. Meg Funk OSB for a sustained retreat, now is the moment of opportunity. S. Meg plans to step aside from the leadership of the Benedictine Center Schools after July 2015. Do not delay in reserving your place.


Enter an intensive retreat experience set in the rhythm of life at St. Paul's Monastery, participants receive teaching about lectio, spend time meditating on a sacred text significant for them, have the opportunity for individual spiritual direction, and participate in reflective conversation with other participants.


Limit 12. Download materials online or email


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MegFunk Unceasing Prayer: An Introduction to Various Forms
Thurs., Jul. 9, 7-9p
S. Meg Funk OSB

From Paul's earliest instruction to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17), Christians have nurtured and taught practices which quiet, redirect, or escape raging thoughts and emotions that distract us from the presence of God. S. Meg Funk OSB has long studied and practiced these disciplines herself and offers an overview of a number of such practices. Those new to the idea will discover tools from within the Christian tradition, while those who are familiar will deepen their understanding. Register online.


Virginia MatterCentering Prayer and Lectio Divina Retreat
Fri. , Aug. 7, 7p thru Wed., Aug. 12, 1p
S. Virginia Matter OSB
$375 includes lodging and meals
$150 thru Sunday only 


Experience a time of profound silence and praying the Scriptures as you enter into deeper relationship with God and self. Blends a rhythm of centering prayer, lectio divina, and prayer with the monastic community. Register online. 

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