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 On Fire by Beth Andrews from the juried exhibit
Feb. 24-Mar. 9, 2015
In the end, we are judged by who we have become rather than what we have accomplished. When we are young we may think that doing is more important than being, but time disabuses us of this notion. Most of us find we can accomplish much less than we'd hoped. More important, we discover to our horror that what we do is colored by who we are. Our every vice and defect tends to leave a smudge on the things we do and build and on the people we influence...The monastery is a school of virtue or good habits and a school of divine service. In the end, virtue and divine service coalesce. For the glory of God, said Irenaeus, an early Christian writer, is a human being who is fully alive.


This meditation is from Essential Monastic Wisdom (HarperCollins, 1999), an insightful book about practical Benedictine wisdom written by Fr. Hugh Feiss OSB. Fr. Hugh will be facilitating Fostering the Contemplative Life on Feb. 26, 2015 and Essential Monastic Wisdom on Feb. 27-29, 2015 at the Benedictine Center.

Benedictine Keynote This Week
Fr. Hugh Feiss OSB
author, pastor, teacher

Here at Ascension Priory in Jerome, Idaho, the time not devoted to liturgy and other community activities, I spend teaching, writing and doing pastoral work, which along with my friends are my great loves in this world. I coordinate the monastery's oblate program and the Elderhostels offered in the monastery's retreat house/ministry center. I work with several distance learning programs in theology. My academic interests center on medieval religious thought and practice, monastic history, and theology about Christ and creation. I am also very interested in ornithology and natural history generally.
Essential Monastic Wisdom
Fri., Feb. 27, 7-9p public presentation
Fri., Feb. 27, 7p thru Sun., Mar. 1, 1p retreat
Fr. Hugh Feiss OSB
$25 Friday presentation only (Register online)
$100 presentation, retreat, commuting (Register online)
$175 presentation, retreat, shared room (Register online)
$225 presentation, retreat, single room (Register online)
During a Friday evening public lecture, author Fr. Feiss will identify figures and themes which are most significant as contemporary Christians strive to prefer nothing whatsoever to Christ. The evening overview will unfold into a deeper experience of those figures and themes for those who choose to stay and participate in the retreat through Sunday. See also Fostering the Contemplative Life on Feb. 26 for Christian leaders.
Free Seeing the Word Lenten Prayer Booklet
Join Seeing the Word this Lent in taking a prayerful look into the ministry of Jesus Christ through the lens of The Saint John's Bible. Graduate assistant Jessie Bazan has written a prayer booklet entitled, "Illuminating Christ: The Ministry of Jesus in the Season of Lent." The full booklet, which includes prayers and reflections for six illuminations, is available for download as a PDF. Please email Jessie at to receive the file.
Seeing the Word will also be emailing a prayer or reflection out each Sunday during Lent. Sign up to receive these emails on the Seeing the Word blog.

Submitting to Natural Beauty
Thurs., Mar. 12, 7-9p
Fred Somers
Freewill offering
Fred Somers is a man whose encounter with God through nature and Scripture becomes visible through his canvases. Convinced that the Spirit moves in us through Creation, he paints to share what he himself has experienced and to invite others to submit to the beauty around them. Join Fred for an evening of guided reflection with his current exhibit at the St. Paul's Monastery Gallery and learn through his eyes how the practice of art can be a spiritual discipline. Register online.


Bringing Our Bodies to Prayer
Tues., Mar. 17, 7-9p
Sarah Cledwyn
Benedict shows a keen sense of the physicality of prayer when he writes, "And let us be assured that it is not in many words, but in the purity of heart and tears of compunction that we are heard. For this reason prayer ought to be short and pure." A short and a pure prayer is one in which our whole self is present-body, mind, and spirit. How do we show up to prayer with our whole selves? Spiritual director and retreat leaders Sarah Cledwyn will guide participants in an exploration and practice of embodied forms of contemplative prayer. Register online.


Don't Miss the 2015 Seeing God Juried Exhibit
Open 9a-6p daily only until Mar. 6

This year's juried exhibit features the work of 37 artists whose works are rooted in themes drawn from religious traditions, Scripture, nature, the human journey, and/or an interpretation of the mystery of life. We encourage you to visit and appreciate all of the work before Mar. 6. Groups welcome.
Let Your Light Be My Guide
Let Your Light Be My Guide by S. Kristine Haugen
O Magnum Mysterium
by Robyn Sand Anderson
Treasure In Heaven
by Deanne Parks
Honorable Mentions

On Fire by Beth Andrews

Dandelions by Nancy Brunzel 

Wielding With Light by Mia Eckes

The Good Samaritan by Ronald Felt
Pilgrimage in the Bold Footsteps
of Benedictine Women

Fri., Jun. 5, 8a thru Sat., Jun. 6, 3p (option to stay through 6p for Vigil and supper)
$175 for double lodging
$200 for single lodging (limited availability)

In this pilgrimage, we trace the bold footsteps of the women we have come to admire, from the founding of St. Paul Priory on Summit Avenue to St. Benedict's Monastery, and then the journey back toward St. Paul as if we were among the founding members. Along the way we will be joined by expert storytellers who will help us see how the past continues to shape the present and future of St. Paul's Monastery. The pilgrimage departs from and returns to St. Paul's Monastery. Includes transportation, meals, and overnight accommodations at St. Benedict's Monastery. Ideal for Oblates, volunteers, and friends of St. Paul's Monastery. Register online.
The Latest Benedictine Center Publication

The latest edition of Listen is now available. To request a copy, please email the Benedictine Center. Alternatively, download a PDF copy now or  explore online the upcoming opportunities for retreat, prayer, and rich conversation.
Recommended Reading
The Way Forward:
A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations
Timeless meditations connecting Benedictine wisdom to everyday life. Available in print and digital editions.
Matters of Life and Death by Victor Klimoski
Poems that capture ideas that will not let go, including what it means to live up to the day we die. Available online.
Illuminating Ministry
A Journal, Vol. III
An opportunity for church leaders to join in prayer and reflection with
The Saint John's Bible. Available online.
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Sam Rahberg
Sam Rahberg, Director
The Benedictine Center shares the monastic heritage of St. Paul's Monastery with all who seek to live with the Gospel as their guide.
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