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Associates Update

November 2023
Benedictine Associates Update Benedictine Associates at the firepit at the Monastery in Summer 2023 The Benedictine Associates spent a beautiful summer evening around the fire ring.  Our gathering was blessed with our guest Julie. Nellie and Nick stopped by with the twins to say hello.  The twins, Dottie and Betty, kept their eyes on the…
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Reflection on Gratitude

Reflection on Gratitude November is a wonderful month to be on the spiritual journey with each of you who are such a deep part of our lives. We often need to stop to be present to truly appreciate all that has been given to us over the year.   Sister Catherine Nehotte, OSB November--All Saints Day…
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Thanks Be to God

Thanks Be to God The next holiday is approaching fast. It is the day when everyone comes home to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy the family getting together. Yes, the turkey meal is also at the top of the list. The true meaning? What is the purpose? We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving…
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Humility The Seventh Step

Humility The Seventh Step The seventh step of humility is that we not only declare with the tongue but also believe in our hearts that we are inferior to all of less value, humbling ourselves and saying with the prophet: I am truly a worm, not human, scorned and despised by the people (Ps 22:7).…
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Experiences in Oblate Formation

Experiences in Oblate Formation The first part of our second meeting of Oblate Formation session was a history lesson. We started in chapel and then proceeded to a morning brunch where we sat in groups and got some introductions on what would happen for the day. We learned that Sister Louise Inhofer would come and…
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Tell of a Life Through Hands

Remember the deceased Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery with a gift to the All Souls' Day appeal. DONATE Tell of a Life Through Hands Sister Carol Rennie, OSB Later, I’ll dwell on her hands, but the most vivid image is of her arms, outstretched in welcome on a sunny, warm morning in June, as a…
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