Sisters of St. Benedict of St. Paul’s Monastery living in Community in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Our Leadership Team

We are a community of Sisters, Benedictine Associates, Oblates, family and friends. We belong to a Federation of Benedictine Communities located throughout the world. Our life consists of prayer and service. We work in schools, parishes, nursing homes and our Benedictine Retreat Center, which offers retreats and spiritual direction. Maple Tree Childcare Center is located on our campus. We support the spiritual growth of people of all faith traditions and help them find God in their daily life. Please join us for prayer, programs, retreats or special events. All are welcomed as Christ.

The Sisters welcome women who want to make a difference, who want to live with other vibrant women deeply committed to Christ, and who seek a balanced life of prayer, work, learning and leisure.
The Benedictine Associates are single Catholic women seeking God with the support of the monastic community while engaging in the ministries of St. Paul's Monastery.
A Benedictine oblate is a man or women from any Christian background who makes a promise to a monastery to live a spiritual life patterned after the Rule of St. Benedict
The Benedictine Center forms a “school for the Lord’s service” in the tradition defined by St. Benedict and flourishes in the midst of St. Paul’s Monastery’s monastic community.
Year round weekday programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers since 1991 a special place where children are sheltered and nourished with love and learning.




The Rule of St. Benedict serves as an invitation to open our hearts to God. It summons us to recognize our responsibility in the world and the proper use of resources. Above all, the Rule reminds us of the fundamental value of living our lives in search and service of God, preferring nothing to the love of Christ.