Ann Beverting, OblSB

Ann Beverting, OblSB


Several weeks ago I was privileged to take part in a Zoom writing workshop that focused on the change of seasons. One of the writing prompts was, "What does hope look like for me?" I found myself staring at my blank page of paper as I tried to answer this question. I jotted down ideas (sprouting seeds, a newborn baby, the sunrise, and just getting out of bed every morning), but none of these seemed right And then it happened! I felt myself smiling as I thought, "Cooking is what hope looks like for me!"

The lightness in my spirit and the smile on my face meant to me that I had found my symbol for hope. But cooking? Really? What a symbol for hope! But as I thought about cooking, I realized that it is with great hope that I find the recipe, check the cupboards, buy the groceries and finally mix all of the ingredients together and cook the food. lt'is with great trust and hope in the recipe that it is correct. I hope that I have followed the directions correctly, and I also hope that the end result is both tasty and nourishing.

This hopeful act of cooking reminds me of being an oblate and of the sisters of St. Paul's Monastery and God. It's like God is doing the cooking, and God creates the recipe, and then he gathers all the ingredients (these would be the sisters and the oblates). And then God mixes, stirs, folds, and blends all of us together. Finally, God places us in the warmth of the Holy Spirit. And look at God's amazing result! God has created a community of nourishment for all of us and for all those we encounter wherever we may be.

Thank you God, for what you have created in the community of St. Paul's Monastery -sisters and oblates; and thank you for the perpetual hope this provides during turbulent times.