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November 2020 E-Newsletter

October 2020
The words thanks or thanksgiving are used in the Old Testament 72 times and in the New Testament 71 times, so they are not new to our vocabulary. This Thanksgiving will be different because of the pandemic. There may be an absence of a family member or friend at the dinner table, which will lead…
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October 2020 E-Newsletter

September 2020
As a part of our commissioning service at the September 12 day of community meetings, each member of the community was presented with a copy of her first vows. We were invited to reflect on that original commitment to seek God with this community and to be of service to one another and the Church.…
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September 2020 E-Newsletter

August 2020
Fall is a favorite season for many of us. All around we see folks collecting dried seeds for spring planting, some are nurturing the ground with rich soil or cleaning a bird feeder. Others may be modifying daily schedules to accommodate school or childcare needs. We are all seeking normality in a time of uncertainty…
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August 2020 E-Newsletter

August 2020
It has now been about a half-year, or perhaps a half-century, since the coronavirus pandemic exploded onto our national, communal, and individual consciousness. The end of the stay-at-home order and the reopening of Minnesota has not brought a return to normal, but a time that feels like no-time, like an in-between place. At the monastery,…
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