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Welcoming All As Christ: 70 Years of Outreach

February 2018
by Michael Kassner, Oblate In 2018, the Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery will celebrate seven decades of faith-filled service to the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro area. During that time, the Sisters — like their community’s namesake: St. Paul — helped individuals and families find God and a better life. St.…
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Magnificat: Illuminations of Mary’s Song of Praise

October 2017
Mary's Hymn of Praise, commonly known as the Magnificat, is found in the first chapter of The Gospel of Luke and is one of the most beloved and excerpted hymns in the entire Bible. Mary's spirit-filled hymn brims with images of a Messiah who will bring God's Mighty Kingdom to earth and tip the world's…
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Sister Bertha – We Will Miss You

September 2017
Being in community has always been a part of Sister Bertha's life. Growing up on a 150-acre dairy farm along the western edge of Minnesota between Rosen and Ortonville during the pre-electricity early 1900s meant hard work, and the Karel family of ten had to pull together just to survive. Sister Bertha fondly remembered, "The…
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Change is in the Air…

September 2017
September is the month when many of us experience changes. Children are back to school. High school and college campuses are ablaze with new and returning students. Nature is aglow with vibrant color. The Sisters are stimulated to plan the year ahead with Chapter meeting, Community Day, and Implementing their Strategic Plan. It was also…
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