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February 2020 E-Newsletter

January 2020
February is typically the month that most people might associate with the theme of love. In this respect, on February 10th, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Scholastica, a woman of great love. The story is told of how Saint Scholastica loved meeting with her brother Saint Benedict so they could share spiritual insights. According…
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January 2020 E-Newsletter

December 2019
We Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery wish you a New Year filled with what has been foretold by prophets and celebrated as a brilliant Light announcing the event of God now accessible in flesh and blood to a human world, uncovering what before now has been hidden. This miraculous self-communication of God is like…
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December 2019 E-Newsletter

November 2019
Skies are quiet and dark in December, and each morning the sunrise paints the sky in deep shades of blue, purple, and pink – Advent colors. It is a cold time of watching and waiting. We wait for the dawn, for the warmth and light of a new day, and above all, for Christ.
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November 2019 E-Newsletter

October 2019
A student asked me recently, “Are grateful and thankful the same thing?” According to Google, gratitude and thankfulness are both feelings of appreciation and are synonymous with each other. However, they differ in direction: Gratitude is directed outwardly, whereas thankfulness is directed and experienced inwardly.
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