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October 2019 E-Newsletter

October 2019
We are in my favorite season....(football!) Autumn is the season which calls us to consider change. Nature shows this in such a dramatic display. This season of “letting go” is part of the entire cycle of life into which each of us enters. For us as Christians we relate this to the cycle of the…
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September 2019 E-Newsletter

September 2019
...Monasteries, by design, are places, of rest and reflection. At St. Paul’s Monastery, one of our ministries is to welcome all guests as Christ. Our Benedictine history of official interreligious dialogue brings a diversity and inclusivity into our space. Many guests discover a welcoming presence and an at-homeness as they come through our doors. And upon leaving,…
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August 2019 E-Newsletter

July 2019
Late summer is the time to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower, when the Earth passes through the trail of dust and debris left by the orbit of the Comet Swift-Tuttle. Like all comets, Swift-Tuttle is composed of dust, ice, and chemicals left over from when our solar system was formed. As the comet travels in…
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June-July 2019 E-Newsletter

June 2019
At St. Paul’s Monastery, we are grateful for your amazing generosity of support. It is you who helps form our mission to co-create a future lled with God’s mystery and love. The Benedictine way of life is a response to God’s love, and it is through that love that we need each other on the…
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