Monastery Events 2022


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Current & Upcoming Events

Of The Earth Exhibition

May 29 - August 24

St. Paul’s Monastery Art Gallery presents “Of the Earth,” an exhibit highlighting the artists Sister Jacqueline Leiter, OSB, Sister Virginia Matter, OSB, David Beddow, Betty Carlson, Dawn Hofstrand, and Peggy Thompson.

“Humus” means earth, soil, partially decomposed organic matter. “Humility” is realizing in a visceral way that we are not separate from anything else. It allows us to sink down into the rich soil, all the way to the bottom." – Tim Burkett

Come to the Monastery to enjoy this new collection from May 29-August 24.

Learn more about our Art Gallery here.

Benedictine Festival

Saturday, July 9

On July 9, St. Paul's Monastery is hosting our second Benedictine Festival! During this event, we will have food, games, a raffle and much more. This event will have free admission and be outdoors. Our current Art Gallery exhibit will also be available for viewing.

Along with the Benedictine Festival, the Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery will also be doing a blessing over our Commemorative Pavers on July 9. You can still order pavers to be installed and blessed on this special day. Order here.

Learn more about this event here.


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