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March 2020 E-Newsletter

February 2020
Celebrating Lent  In “The Observance of Lent,” Chapter 49 of his Rule, St. Benedict says “The life of the monastic ought to be a continuous Lent.” St. Benedict knew that few have the strength to live a continuous Lent. His message is an open invitation to live daily with an awareness to serve not ourselves,…
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Annette Walker Says Farewell to St. Paul’s Monastery

January 2020
There are times when the Holy Spirit sends messengers directing us toward change. There was a combination of many “changes” for me in 2019: The birth of my 1st grandchild My husband being ordained a permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church A milestone birthday These milestones led me to pause, discern, and pray about what the…
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Reflection on John 14:1-12

May 2020
This scripture passage, John 14:1-12, gives us a lot of food for thought. We have one of the “I am” statements so familiar in John’s Gospel. We have the disciples trying to process everything Jesus is telling them—and Jesus is teaching the disciples directly, no parables this time (although some say the “I am” statements…
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