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February 2023 eNewsletter

February 2023
In February, we love to retell the story of Gregory the Great's story about Benedict and Scholastica's last visit together (Benedict and Scholastica’s last visit together). The twins had a yearly custom of gathering together in a small house at the bottom of a mountain between their monasteries. After visiting and sharing stories together all day, it grew dark. Scholastica wanted to continue visiting with her beloved brother all night, but Benedict rejected her request, for it was unacceptable to be away from his monastery overnight.
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January 2023 eNewsletter

January 2023
When I was a child, we would play Christmas songs and the image of Santa was a welcoming one—until December 25—then it was all about Jesus; no more Santa. As a child that brought me sadness because I was such a believer in Santa...
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