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Reflection on Gratitude

November 2023
Reflection on Gratitude November is a wonderful month to be on the spiritual journey with each of you who are such a deep part of our lives. We often need to stop to be present to truly appreciate all that has been given to us over the year.   Sister Catherine Nehotte, OSB November--All Saints Day…
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Humility The Seventh Step

Humility The Seventh Step The seventh step of humility is that we not only declare with the tongue but also believe in our hearts that we are inferior to all of less value, humbling ourselves and saying with the prophet: I am truly a worm, not human, scorned and despised by the people (Ps 22:7).…
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Tell of a Life Through Hands

Remember the deceased Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery with a gift to the All Souls' Day appeal. DONATE Tell of a Life Through Hands Sister Carol Rennie, OSB Later, I’ll dwell on her hands, but the most vivid image is of her arms, outstretched in welcome on a sunny, warm morning in June, as a…
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Benedictine CARE for the Holidays

Benedictine CARE for the Holidays In Benedictine CARE, the focus is on what we can add to our plates for health vs focusing on restriction. The upcoming holiday season provides a wonderful time to practice this gentle approach. Focus on nourishing foods to ADD and enjoy alongside traditional favorites like: In-season fruits like pomegranate, clementines,…
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Gratitude "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.…"  just kidding! (and my apologies to any Star Wars fans out there!). It was not in a galaxy far, far away, it was right here in the Twin Cities; and it wasn’t a long time ago, but it was a while ago. I’m talking…
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Enjoy Free Benedictine CARE recipes

October 2023
Enjoy Free Benedictine CARE Recipes Enjoy Free Benedictine CARE Recipes Brisk winds, shorter days, and football playing in the background all contribute to that unique lure of fall inviting us to spend more time in the warmth of the kitchen. Warm hearty soups, casseroles, and skillets provide nourishment to our bodies and souls. Our kitchens are vital partners…
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