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April 2023 E-Newsletter

April 2023
This April issue of the 2023 E-newsletter explores the Benedictine value of silence. It also provides a thank you to our volunteers and a description of further volunteer options. The newsletter also reviews past events at the Monastery.
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January 2023 eNewsletter

January 2023
When I was a child, we would play Christmas songs and the image of Santa was a welcoming one—until December 25—then it was all about Jesus; no more Santa. As a child that brought me sadness because I was such a believer in Santa...
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Mission Advancement News & Events

February 2022
Get inspired and nurture your faith! As the Monastery continues preparation for the year-long celebration of the 75th anniversary of St. Paul’s Monastery and the 40th anniversary of the Benedictine Center this call to action returns to me often. Get inspired! For almost eight decades the women religious of St. Paul’s Monastery have been ministering…
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Benedictine Associates Update March 2023

The Benedictine Associates continue to study and reflect on the program “Being Benedictine." Last month we watched the video presentation of Judith Valente, an oblateof Mount St Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas, on silence. A lively and enriching discussion followed. Later in February we will discuss Discernment from the same program. Silence is defined by…
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