“Listen carefully, my child, to my instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.”

Prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict

Who are Oblates?

Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian women and men
who actively associate themselves with a Benedictine monastery using the Rule of Benedict as a guide.
Benedictine spirituality is flexible and adaptable,
open to all who seek God and is a way to live out the Gospel message.

What do Oblates do?

Oblates live the Gospel of Jesus as it is presented in the Rule of Benedict.

Oblates strive to live a balanced life of prayer, work, study and holy leisure.

Oblates value and support one another in community

while bringing Christ and the spirit of monasticism into their families,

places of work, and in civic and social activities.

How do you become an Oblate?


Oblates begin with a desire for greater spiritual growth according to the Christian ideals and values set forth in the Rule of Benedict.

They spend a year in formation exploring the traditions of Benedictine life and the application of the Rule to contemporary living.

 A candidate then makes a promise of Oblation to enter a new relationship with St. Paul’s Monastery and is encouraged

to join the Sisters in the prayer and work life of the monastic community.

the Oblate Leadership Team

You Would Make a Great Oblate

Kami Pohl

I made my final Oblations in 2021 and have been assisting Sister Mary Lou with initial Oblate Formation for the past two years. My past work includes teaching and adult faith formation in a church, so it is my honor to continue that great love of accompanying people as they go deeper in their faith here at St. Paul’s Monastery.
Contact | 651-777-8181 kpohl@stpaulsmonastery.org


Jeff Dols

While I have only been an Oblate since 2019, I have been associated with the Monastery for several years before that, serving in several volunteer roles, including advisory committees for the Benedictine Center, Monastic Leadership, and the Oblates. I continue to be drawn to the core Benedictine charism—to seek communion with God through the practice of contemplative prayer and shared community—to be and see the radiant presence of Christ in everything and everyone. I am blessed to be here!
Contact | 651-777-7251 jdols@stpaulsmonastery.org

Maria Varsho Interview

Ann Siverling

I did my final oblation on Pentecost Eve in June of 2014. Around 2010, as an exhausted pastor, I began looking for a place, a community, for me to develop and experience my own personal spirituality. The very first time I walked into the new St. Paul’s Monastery; I was welcomed with such heartfelt hospitality that I felt that I had come home. I treasure the Benedictine Rule, the Benedictine Values, and the Benedictine way of life. I strive to let my life glorify Christ. I am thrilled to join Jeff and Kami to assist with the leadership of the Oblates, and humbly and prayerfully, and resting on the promises of God, I look forward to seeing Christ in all of you and serving all the oblates.
Contact | anabell214@yahoo.com

For more information on Oblation, or to begin this process, contact Kami Pohl, at 651-777-8181 or kpohl@stpaulsmonastery.org