Mother’s Day Reflections

In honor of Mother’s day we are including some reflections from the Sisters. Sister Louise Inhofer, OSB; Sister Paula Hagen, OSB; Sister Marie Fujan, OSB; Sister Mary White, OSB; and Sister Linda Soler, OSB tell of their moms as a strength and inspiration. We pray your Mother’s day inspires warm and welcoming memories just as the Sisters write here.

Mother's Day Reflections
Vivian Inhofer

 Sister Louise Inhofer wrote a poem for her mother:

…..was devoted to Mary
…..was beautiful inside and out
…..was loving
…..was a great cook & taught me
…..was an accomplished seamstress
…..was creative with her hands
…..was fun-loving
…..was supportive in whatever I did
…..was much more to me

Pictured here is Sister Louise’s mother, Vivian Inhofer, in 1990 relaxing at her home in St. Therese Residence. Currently, Sister Louise has the chair her mother was sitting on, as well as the side table, in her room. She thinks of her mother fondly when she sees that furniture.

Sister Marie Fujan wrote a short poem for her mother:

“Marie Fujan, November 1, was mother to my dad!

Marie Fujan, November 2, was the best mom I ever had!

Marie Fujan, November 3, add ‘Sister’ to the name, I’m proud to say – that’s me!”

Pictured here is Sister Marie’s mother, Marie, at her home in St. Therese in 1960. Sister Marie added that she was always smiling!

Marie Fujan
Mother's Day Reflection
Louise White

Sister Mary White speaks fondly of her mother:

 “Mother, your deep love for all us kids and your love of nature has shone through all that you are.”

Her mother is pictured here at Sister Mary White’s childhood home in Lakeville, MN. Her mother is holding hydrangeas, a flower that Louise loved to collect for her own pleasure.


Sister Paula Hagen wrote this of her mother:

 “My mother and dad gave me life and mom kept me alive. I was born without the ability to wet my diaper. The doctor saw that and gave mom a small tube to catheterize me every two hours so I would not get infection and die. We know how tired a mother is after delivery. But my mother got up every two hours and helped me wet my diaper. When she took me into the doctor for our 6-month visit, the family doctor said, ‘Catherine you are a miracle worker. When I left your home, I said a prayer because I thought I would never see that beautiful little girl alive and here she is. Congratulations Catherine, you saved her life.’ Mom said, ‘She is normal now and God saved her for us.’”

Pictured here is Sister Paula’s mother, Mary Catherine Hagen, at a golf course in Colorado.


Mother's Day Reflection
Mary Catherine Hagen
LaVonne Soler

Sister Linda Soler writes:

My mother, LaVonne was a woman I didn’t get to know. I was 8 years old when she died unexpectantly in her sleep. My memories of her are of a woman filled with an unconditional love who nurtured her five children. Out the 8 years I had with her there may be 4 years of memories. Losing my mother was the hardest experience in my life because of the shared love between a mother and daughter. Now I am 63 years old, and I still miss her more than ever; however, I do believe she never left me spiritually. My mother’s love lives on, and she was an inspiration to me. I believe people only die when we forget them.

I am told that I act and look like my mother by those who knew her much longer than I have. If that is the case then all the more God has blessed me with the inner beauty that has shaped my life. Thank you Mom for your gift of life even though it was short, but your legacy lives forever.