Seeing God Virtual Exhibit 2022 | Group 1

Seeing God Virtual Exhibit 2022 | Group 1

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The milkweed plant is life and blood to the Monarch butterfly, the pod nurtures and protects its seeds as they mature. When the plant matures, the pod opens, releasing the flat papery seeds each with its own wings to drift for miles. In the end, the pod stands erect empty and beautiful, as it grows brittle with decay. The seeds land and burrow into the earth keeping the promise to repeat this cycle of life for the butterfly and milkweed.

Artist Barbara Riegel Bend
Fiber Sculpture | 28" x 18" x 10"


The thought of keeping a lamp lit for the coming of the Bridegroom morphed into the thought of 'keeping the faith'. Later, I remembered other ways 'keep the faith' was used...in scripture, in the Civil rights movement, and later as a social good-bye. Somehow last November, with the thought of seasonal darkness along with all the other darkness we are experiencing, I wanted a way to encourage my family and friends. Monoprints are fast, and one design quickly turned into 16. If nothing else, I myself have been encouraged to keep my torch lit and be on the lookout for hope, for peace, and for Christ, who will come again.

Artist Lisa Bierer
Monoprint/Collage Elements | 16" x 20"


Guardian angels, we all have one don’t we? In art angels are commonly depicted as winged figures in flowing robes. It is believed that guardian angels have special care of a particular person from birth until death, protecting us from both spiritual and physical harm. A guardian angel’s love is unconditional. Unlike humans, guardian angels do not judge. They know humans are imperfect so see our mistakes and missteps for what they are, giving us moral guidance and comfort.

Artist Julie Deneen
Mosaic | 12" x 18" x 1"


"Everything in the Universe has a rhythm, everything dances!"M.Angelou Let us dance together joyfully united in a celebration of Life helping to ' bend the Moral Arc of the Universe toward Justice'MLK and then we shall all see God!!

Artist Gail Diez
Collage | 16" x 20" x 2"


One of my joys in painting is when “happy accidents” occur. I had no intention of painting a cross - subtle and abstract as it is. Like kneading dough I knew I wanted to work with the image. For me the image represents “Atonement” - reparation for a wrong or injury. It is near impossible to navigate the trials and tribulations of life without a need for atonement. I know I do. This image helps me view my efforts of atonement as subtle, in the background, yet absolutely essential as I strive to live a good life, deeply believing in our Creator.

Artist Ron Duffy
Acrylic on Canvas | 10" x 20" x 2"


Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel in this scene of the Annunciation and the whole world changes. Mary proclaims in the Gospel of Luke: "May it be done to me, according to your word." This drawing was done on an old Cathedral of Saint Paul bulletin with names of significant people coming through the pastel. My wife, Mary Elizabeth, became Catholic through the RCIA program at the Cathedral in 2000. I spent many Sundays attending Mass with her there.

Artist John Ilg
Oil Pastel & Collage | 8.5" x 14.5"


Creating art has been especially important to my mental health during the last two years. I am fascinated at how my art making can reveal my unconscious thoughts, feelings and longings. The X’s and O’s in the printed cloth symbolize the hugs and kisses we can’t share when we are isolated from our loved ones. What this contemporary art quilt revealed to me was the profound loss of relationships during the pandemic years. The title “Missing You” is my way to be heard and seen. With God’s grace we do not have to grieve alone.

Artist Cyndi Kayne Meier
Textiles | 38" x 40.5" x 0.5"


During 2020-21, I participated in the Jewish Artist Lab where we discussed biblical texts about Brokenness and Wholeness. This painting is my response to the question, “How do humans adjust to threatening circumstances?

With the Maccabee story in mind, I thought about the rededication of the second temple. This renovated sacred space housed spiritual objects like the menorah made from iron spears. The action of renewal is the motivation for this abstracted landscape where fallow fields recover from storms.

Artist Ilene Mojsilov
Acrylic on Canvas | 36" x 48"


My piece is intended to give the viewer a sense of peace and hope in a world so torn by the pandemic, racial injustice, climate change, poverty, and so many other difficulties. Psalm 23 has for centuries promised that the Lord will always be there to aid, lead, and restore us. The hazy leaves of the tree show us the hope of coming spring and the roots ground us in eternal truths that sustain us throughout our lives. Rough textures and silky smoothness of the materials illustrate the contradictions we experience every day but God provides the foundation we need.

Artist Susan Stein
Silk & Cotton Textile | 18" x 22"