Standing in the Sacred Sliver of Space Before a Choice

Standing in the Sacred Sliver of Space Before a Choice

excerpt from: Benedictine CARE Chapter 1: Stability of Intention

In Benedictine CARE, we are practicing bringing our relationship with the divine into the most ordinary of daily lifestyle choices around food, fitness, and fun. We are exploring together a simple practice of “Turning Towards” our inner wisdom, our true Self, our “Lighter voice” in the most ordinary of moments. Listening for their divinely-led guidance.

Right before a choice, we are given the chance to practice strengthening our intention to prioritize our relationship with the divine. Our attention—our Stability—right here in this tiny space before a choice influences which choice we will make.

This tiny sliver of space is sacred because it is only here, in this moment, that we can align our will with “Thy will”.

Benedictine CARE brings study, prayer, and practice together in navigating the ordinariness of daily lifestyle choices. We’d love to introduce this to you.

Who is Teri Rose?

Teri Rose, OblSB, MS, LN is founder of the Benedictine CARE Wellness Ministry at the Benedictine Center. She is an Oblate of St. Paul’s Monastery (since 2020) and coordinates the Benedictine Practice Groups for Oblates. She is Founder of Perfectly Produce Weight Loss & Nutrition Services.