Dollars at Work


There are many ways to support the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery.

We Invest Our Resources Wisely

Dear Friends of the Monastery,

Thank you to more than 1,000 friends who made 2,028 contributions between September 1st 2015 and August 31, 2016. We are also grateful for in-kind donations of food, goods, professional services and auction items worth more than $37,900.

Your donations directly support the Sisters and their ministries. When you donate to St. Paul’s Monastery you help the Sisters welcome all as Christ, from Benedictine Center program participants to retreat and event guests. You help Oblates and Benedictine Associates deepen their spirituality and live Benedictine values in their daily life.

You help Sisters attend professional conferences as well as spiritual symposia and religious leadership meetings. You help make with caring for Sisters who need daily assistance – thank you.

Thank you to more than 200 volunteers who gave more than 1,000 hours of their time. From hospitality hosts and cookie bakers to the drivers and event helpers, from committee members to kitchen aids, you have touched the Sisters and their guests in profound ways – thank you.

Give to a Special Project


Kitchen Remodel
The kitchen at our Monastery provides cafeteria-style, healthy meals each day to our Sisters as well as visitors who are utilizing our space for workshops, retreats, and spiritual growth. In 2014, we hired a new Dietary Manager who made a strategic shift from a kitchen that heated pre-made, processed foods to a dietary program that makes all meals from scratch. We have also begun receiving five “shares” of food from a local farm Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program, which supplies us with nutritious farm-fresh food weekly during the growing season. These shifts have reduced the sodium that was in the pre-made meals, and increased the quality and nutrition of the food that is served to over 50 people each day. For our Sisters, many of whom are over the age of fifty and rely upon our kitchen for most meals, this is an important shift to improve their health and support healthy aging so they can continue to support community needs.







The Rule of St. Benedict serves as an invitation to open our hearts to God. It summons us to recognize our responsibility in the world and the proper use of resources. Above all, the Rule reminds us of the fundamental value of living our lives in search and service of God, preferring nothing to the love of Christ.