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December 2020 E-Newsletter

December 2020
As Advent begins, we approach winter and the darkest time of the year. Daylight hours are shortened, and the night is long. This year, darkness takes on a new meaning. During this pandemic, our experience of darkness may be tinged with the depth of many feelings: fear, sorrow, loneliness, and hopelessness. As we journey through this present darkness, how we long for light!
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December 2019 E-Newsletter

November 2019
Skies are quiet and dark in December, and each morning the sunrise paints the sky in deep shades of blue, purple, and pink – Advent colors. It is a cold time of watching and waiting. We wait for the dawn, for the warmth and light of a new day, and above all, for Christ.
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Christmas at the Monastery 2019 Sisters Interview

Christmas at the Monastery Interview with the Sisters

We sat down with some of the Sisters and asked them about Christmas at the Monastery past and present. Find out about their favorite memories, what they are looking forward to most—and more—by watching the video!

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