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Reflection on the Emmaus Story

May 2020
We often describe our life as a journey. The Benedictine tradition speaks of a shared journey on the road. We speak of Christ on that journey with us, bringing us all together to everlasting life. The Gospel of Luke retells the familiar story of two of Jesus’ disciples on their journey to the village of Emmaus. Cleopas and his companion were grieving after the death of Jesus and confused about the rumors that he is alive. While most of Jesus’ other followers remained in Jerusalem, for some reason, these two needed to get away and get out of the city.
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Temporarily Ceasing Public Access to the Monastery Due to COVID-19

March 2020
The safety of our guests, staff and Community—especially those particularly vulnerable—is of utmost concern to the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery. COVID-19, or coronavirus, has become a serious threat to public health. In order to ensure the safety of the monastic community and you, our faithful friends and guests, we are ceasing all public access…
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