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Stations of the Cross: A Virtual Pilgrimage Through Art

April 2020
Praying the Stations of the Cross is a traditional practice for many during Lent—especially on Good Friday. There are fourteen stations of the cross, each reflecting on a specific moment in Christ’s last day on earth—from his condemnation to his burial in the tomb. This spiritual practice helps us to enter into Christ’s suffering and meditate on the Paschal mystery in a unique way. Although we may be unable to gather together in person, we do not have to give up the spiritual pilgrimage through the Stations of the Cross. St. Paul’s Monastery has created a Stations of the Cross Virtual Pilgrimage Through Art using the work of artist John Ilg. We invite you to join us in this virtual pilgrimage from your home using these powerful images.
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Free Triduum Prayer Resource

Triduum (from Latin, meaning "the three days") is the three-day period that begins with the Evening of Holy Thursday Liturgy and ends with Easter Sunday Evening Prayer. It unfolds the Paschal Mystery from the Passion, Crucifixion, Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ. Observance of the Triduum ushers in the end of the Lenten season, leading us in hopeful anticipation to the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at Easter Vigil.
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