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April 2021 E-Newsletter

April 2021
It has been over a year now since COVID-19 led to the world’s sudden and prolonged shut down. This past year has been a journey of challenges, causing us to see anew the world around us as we have never seen before. We have often felt isolated, but Saint Benedict reminds us that a journey is not taken alone. God is with us, and we are with each other: “See how God’s love shows us the way of life” (Rule, Prologue: 20). “Prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all together to everlasting life” (Rule, Chapter 72: 11-12).
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March 2021 E-Newsletter

March 2021
The Rule of St. Benedict makes reference to the observance of Lent in Chapter 49. This chapter begins instructing the monastic that our life is to be a continuous Lent throughout the year. St. Benedict expects the monastic to curtail from too much food, idle talk (oops, I am in trouble here), and any other distraction that would be on the peripheral of preparing for the Holy Season of Easter. St. Benedict also expects joy during Lent, the joy of devoting more time for private prayer and doing charity work that can help us prepare for the coming Easter joy.
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Stations of the Cross: A Virtual Pilgrimage Through Art

April 2020
Praying the Stations of the Cross is a traditional practice for many during Lent—especially on Good Friday. There are fourteen stations of the cross, each reflecting on a specific moment in Christ’s last day on earth—from his condemnation to his burial in the tomb. This spiritual practice helps us to enter into Christ’s suffering and meditate on the Paschal mystery in a unique way. Although we may be unable to gather together in person, we do not have to give up the spiritual pilgrimage through the Stations of the Cross. St. Paul’s Monastery has created a Stations of the Cross Virtual Pilgrimage Through Art using the work of artist John Ilg. We invite you to join us in this virtual pilgrimage from your home using these powerful images.
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April 2020 E-Newsletter

March 2020
Each moment of our lives offers an opportunity for us to be aware of our dependence on our Loving God. It may be helpful to remind ourselves of God’s great love and care for us at a time when the world around us is consumed with fear because of the COVID-19 public health pandemic. In these strange times, we learn every day of more people falling sick, another sporting event cancelled, another closed border or ban on travel, and a deeper dip in the stock market. We are startled to encounter empty store shelves and even online shops closed or empty of certain supplies. We may find ourselves looking with suspicion at those around us when we hear a slight cough or sniffle.
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