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The History of the West Suburban Benedictines Study Group

February 2021
There was once a group of Benedictine Oblates of St. Paul’s Monastery who asked a basic question when starting a study group on the Rule of St. Benedict. What should we use as our study guide? After discussing the many great books that have been written about the Rule, we made our selection. If we were going to study the Rule of St. Benedict, we would use the Rule of St. Benedict as our study guide.
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January 2023 eNewsletter

January 2023
When I was a child, we would play Christmas songs and the image of Santa was a welcoming one—until December 25—then it was all about Jesus; no more Santa. As a child that brought me sadness because I was such a believer in Santa. At the age of 61, I still believe in Santa throughout…
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