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March 2021 E-Newsletter

March 2021
The Rule of St. Benedict makes reference to the observance of Lent in Chapter 49. This chapter begins instructing the monastic that our life is to be a continuous Lent throughout the year. St. Benedict expects the monastic to curtail from too much food, idle talk (oops, I am in trouble here), and any other distraction that would be on the peripheral of preparing for the Holy Season of Easter. St. Benedict also expects joy during Lent, the joy of devoting more time for private prayer and doing charity work that can help us prepare for the coming Easter joy.
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February 2021 E-Newsletter

February 2021
As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of St. Scholastica on Feb 10, I recall how St. Scholastica prayed with tears when she offered her prayer to God – asking God to do something, ANYTHING to allow her to spend more time with her brother Benedict, knowing that it might be the last time she would see him. The need for prayer at this time in history is so great: for relief from the pandemic, for peace in our country and the world, and for all who are hungry and homeless. At the Monastery, we hold you, our friends in our daily prayers. We also appreciate your prayers for us!
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Mother’s Day Prayer

May 2020
Happy Mother's Day from the Sisters of St. Benedict of St. Paul's Monastery! We hope you are blessed by this special prayer for mothers. Moms—relax and enjoy today!
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Taizé Prayer for Easter

April 2020
We invite you to join us in this special Taizé prayer for the Easter season. Taizé is a quiet, meditative prayer sung in common. The songs are short phrases that we sing repeatedly so that the words may enter our hearts. The songs may be sung in many different languages, reminding us that the Gospel is for all the world and we are all God’s people. Taizé prayer also includes a short reading, prayers of intercession (Kyrie Eleison – Lord, Have Mercy), and an opportunity to adore the cross. Prayer ends in silence, and we go out to love and be of service: Taizé prayer is offered for the whole world.
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