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Benedictine Associates Update March 2023

February 2022
The Benedictine Associates continue to study and reflect on the program “Being Benedictine." Last month we watched the video presentation of Judith Valente, an oblateof Mount St Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas, on silence. A lively and enriching discussion followed. Later in February we will discuss Discernment from the same program. Silence is defined by…
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February 2021 E-Newsletter

February 2021
As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of St. Scholastica on Feb 10, I recall how St. Scholastica prayed with tears when she offered her prayer to God – asking God to do something, ANYTHING to allow her to spend more time with her brother Benedict, knowing that it might be the last time she would see him. The need for prayer at this time in history is so great: for relief from the pandemic, for peace in our country and the world, and for all who are hungry and homeless. At the Monastery, we hold you, our friends in our daily prayers. We also appreciate your prayers for us!
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Terry Johnson Saint Scholastica Honoree

January 2000
In 2018, the year of their 70th anniversary, the Sisters of St. Benedict of St. Paul’s Monastery established the St. Scholastic Honor. The honor celebrates the virtues of St. Scholastica (Community, Hospitality, Listening, Dignity of Work, Respect for Persons, Stability, Justice, Awareness of God, Stewardship, and Moderation), and this honor is presented to someone exhibiting…
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