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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Jacqueline Leiter, OSB

October 2022
“Weren’t you thinking of Oblate formation this fall?” It was Sister Jacqueline who quietly reminded me in late summer, 2015, that I had mentioned to her my interest in becoming an Oblate. Formation was starting soon, and I welcomed the gentle push. She and I had become collegial friends, both being teachers in St. Paul Schools, when I came for retreats at the Monastery. I often marveled at her dedication to both her career as a teacher as well as to life as a Benedictine Sister.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Linda Soler, OSB

September 2022
“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned the seat belt sign on. Please remain in your seats with your seat belts fastened.” This is how one should begin a conversation with Sister Linda Soler, OSB. She is pure energy, and what a blessing that all that energy is directed to living a life to glorify God.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Catherine Nehotte, OSB

August 2022
Wisdom, knowledge, a passion for her work and life as a sister, and a quick wit are a good summary of Sister Catherine, current Prioress of St. Paul’s Monastery. An example of her wit is when meeting on Zoom to plan for this article, and this writer’s microphone wasn’t working, Sister Catherine commented that this was some “real Benedictine silence!”
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Paula Hagen, OSB

June 2022
Sister Carol Rennie, OSB is originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota and came from a family of eight.  She Carol graduated from St. Joseph, High School in St. Cloud Minnesota and fondly remembers her siblings: Richard, John, Catherine, Mary Jane, and David.  Sister Carol was “lucky number five” and the youngest girl.
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