We’re standing on holy ground / For the Lord is present / And where He is, is holy. - Christopher Beatty (Holy Ground, song lyrics adapted from Joshua 5:15)

Christopher Beatty, Musician

Our community is led by a Prioress. We are part of a worldwide community of Benedictines who honor a tradition nearly 1500 years old. We believe that the divine presence is everywhere (RB 19) and our main ministry is prayer. Our core values include hospitality, community living, stewardship, and reaching out in service.

"To speak of social sin means in the first place to recognize that, by virtue of a human solidarity which is as mysterious and intangible as it is real and concrete, each individual’s (and corporate) sin in some way affects others…Every sin has repercussions on the entire ecclesial body and the whole human family." - Pope John Paul ll

Mr. John Anderson, Designer