Travis Salisbury, OblSB

Travis Salibsury, OblSB

Mission Advancement Director

I sought out Oblate formation in 2014. The spark for this journey came through witness. A volunteer at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis went through a conversion that impressed me. It was gentle, calm, anchored, and it caught my attention enough for me to ask her what happened to shift her presence so wonderfully. She shared her encounter with Sister Eleanor Wartman, OSB and participation in the initial formation at St. Paul's Monastery. I didn't even know the Monastery existed, let alone what an Oblate was (and I worked for the Church!). My faith was strong, but thin. I was as an employee of a large parish but found I could not fully participate in liturgical events (since I was working at them).  The liturgy couldn't hold my longing solely, but I didn't know where else to turn. What I saw in the witness of this Oblate is what my heart longed for. So, I reached out to St. Paul's Monastery, and in 2015 after a great year of formation, I made my Oblation in the chapel of the Monastery.