A Community of Sisters Who Live the Rule of St. Benedict Based on Gospel Values

Through liturgical life and wise stewardship, the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery create sacred space from which they respond to the needs and challenges of church and society.

As a matter of love for the vulnerable members of the Monastery and the wider community, St. Paul's Monastery is taking steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. We hope you will join us in taking steps in your own life to help keep the vulnerable among us healthy.

In line with the CDC recommendations, we require our guests to wear a mask when attending Eucharist, Word Communion Services or the liturgy of the Hours in chapel.

We respectfully request your compliance to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, due to our limited availability of seating in chapel, we require advance notice of your desire to join us in chapel. There may be times when we will be unable to accommodate your request. Please call Sister Karen Sames, OSB, at 651-777-8181 to arrange your visit.

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Sharing time, talents, and financial resources is vital to our community.

St. Paul’s Monastery Community

We, the Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery, are a community who live the Rule of St. Benedict based on Gospel values. We live out these rules and beliefs through our liturgical life and wide stewardship.


We share our monastic home and peaceful grounds with persons of all faiths, cultural traditions, and races, to "listen with the ear of your heart" to wherever God is calling you.



How may we pray for you? Please use this form to let us know how we can support you with our prayers. The Sisters take this ministry as a serious expression of how they can serve the wider community. We would like to join you as you present the concerns and hopes for you, your family, and the circumstances of your life to God.

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