Making a Gift of Stock/Securities

Giving securities is a wonderful gift that can help you avoid capital gains tax.

To make a stock gift, simply follow the instructions below (or download the instruction sheet here). Questions? Contact Rose Quast at 651-209-9020 or Travis Salisbury at 612-325-9830.

  1. Contact your broker and request they transfer a specific number of shares from a specific company to “St. Paul's Monastery” (see below). They may request a letter from you to authorize the transfer. For your convenience, click on this link here for a letter you can fill out and use for your letter of authorization.
  2. Give your broker the following transfer information:
    • Account Name: St. Paul's Monastery
    • Tax ID: 41-0724050
    • DTC: 235 (or 0235)
    • Account #: 317-56264
    • Reference: [Donor’s Name Here]
    • Brokerage Firm: RBC Wealth Management (RBC) Stock Transfers (Wendy Skarnes: 612-371-7897 or wendy.skarnes@rbc.com)
  3. Send notice of your transfer by letter or email to Travis Salisbury, our Director of Mission Advancement. This is to ensure transfers are not unidentified and directed where you indicate. You can reach him at 612-325-9830 or tsalisbury@stpaulsmonastery.org. Please tell him a) the company and b) the number of shares you plan to transfer, and where you’d like to direct your gift.
  4. You’ll be notified and thanked when the gift has been received by our office.

If you are transferring stock from a joint account, both account owners may need to authorize the transfer. You can contribute stock from several companies held within the same account.

Please check with your broker soon after authorizing the transfer to ensure that the transfer is complete, especially if you initiate this gift shortly before December 31.

Keep in mind, transfers of securities can sometimes take multiple days. It is recommended you initiate transfers well before any important tax dates, such as December 31.

Questions? Contact the Development Office at development@stpaulmonastery.org or 651-777-8181, ext. 403. We’re happy to help you!

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