To live our mission, we rely on the time, talent and financial contribution of you, our friend and supporter. Thank you for listening to God’s call to support our mission.

Where We Spend Our Resources

We the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery follow the Rule of St. Benedict to pray and work as a community and live as Christ in the World. Our life consists of praying and meditating both in the community as well as in solitude. We work in service to God and society. Our ministries grow out of, are nurtured by and extend our prayer.

Your gift supports:

  • The advancement of our ministries.
  • The spiritual formation of the Sisters, Benedictine Associates and Oblates.
  • The continuing education of the Sisters.
  • The care of our aging Sisters allowing them to stay active, independent and age with dignity


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Women and men of any denomination who generously share their time and talents to help the Sisters minister to the broader community.


There are many ways to support the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery. Some gifts have an immediate impact, while others are planned to ensure the future of the Monastery for generations.

The gift of interest is the energy and inspiration you bring to the Sisters and their ministries by connecting your passion with their vision. Join them for prayer and conversation, volunteer at the Monastery and stay in touch with their news and plans.

The gift of investment in a financial contribution you make to share your resources with the Sisters. Funds are used to provide for the needs of the Sisters and to advance their ministry projects and programs.

The gift of your influence is the capacity that you have to tell others about the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery and their good works.


As a Community, we have probably missed many years of birthday greetings to you. The St. Paul’s Monastery Community would like to make up for that. To share the date of your annual celebration, please send us the information on the reverse of this form.




Give to a Special Project

Kitchen Remodel
The kitchen at our Monastery provides cafeteria-style, healthy meals each day to our Sisters as well as visitors who are utilizing our space for workshops, retreats, and spiritual growth. In 2014, we hired a new Dietary Manager who made a strategic shift from a kitchen that heated pre-made, processed foods to a dietary program that makes all meals from scratch. We have also begun receiving five “shares” of food from a local farm Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program, which supplies us with nutritious farm-fresh food weekly during the growing season. These shifts have reduced the sodium that was in the pre-made meals, and increased the quality and nutrition of the food that is served to over 50 people each day. For our Sisters, many of whom are over the age of fifty and rely upon our kitchen for most meals, this is an important shift to improve their health and support healthy aging so they can continue to support community needs.


Testimonials from Our Friends

I firmly support the good works the Benedictine Sisters do as I’m familiar with the Benedictines as my parents and I originate living close to St. Ben’s in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Thank you so much!

Joan Antastasi





The Rule of St. Benedict serves as an invitation to open our hearts to God. It summons us to recognize our responsibility in the world and the proper use of resources. Above all, the Rule reminds us of the fundamental value of living our lives in search and service of God, preferring nothing to the love of Christ.