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Our Wishlist

2019 Christmas at the Monastery- Event Items Needed:

Click link here to download Sister Catherine’s letter and event sponsor-donor form:

We are in need of the following items for Christmas at the Monastery:

  • Bottles of wine $20 and up.
  • Liquor for silent auction.
  • $25 and $50 gift cards for Mystery Gifts.
  • Silent auction baskets that are experiences, not just items.
  • Handmade items that can be sold at stocking stuffers.
  • Homemade candy and cookies for our sweet Shoppe.

Capital Improvements & Expenditures
Help us improve and maintain the monastery grounds, equipment, and technology. Below are examples of some of the associated costs:

  • Used car to update fleet: $18,000
  • Building improvements (including updates to: community room flooring, garage heater and ducts, and HVAC software and computer):  $34,850
  • Kitchen equipment upgrades: $6800
  • Conference room chair replacements: $8750
  • Computer replacement: $5000
  • Care of the Sisters in Healthcare: $3000

Gifts to Strengthen Future Membership
Membership initiative has four goals. It seeks to grow St. Paul’s Monastery by increasing the number of vowed Sisters, Benedictine Associates, and Oblates; share Benedictine spirituality with Hill-Murray School students, faculty and staff; spread Benedictine values through online media:

  • Promotional brochure to extend our invitation to experience Benedictine life at St. Paul’s Monastery: $250
  • Booth Banner with carry case: $350
  • Benedictine promotional items: $250

Everyday items

  • Copy Paper
  • Colored Paper
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Post-it Notes
  • Magic Erasers
  • Clock Radios (BC guest rooms)

Liturgical Needs

  • Daily mass chausable and stoll for ORDINARY TIME (Green) @$750

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I firmly support the good works the Benedictine Sisters do as I’m familiar with the Benedictines as my parents and I originate living close to St. Ben’s in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Thank you so much!

Joan Antastasi