Benedictine Associates Renew Their Commitment

On Thursday March 21, the feast day of St. Benedict’s death, we had the annual ritual where the Benedictine Associates (BA) make their annual commitment. Linda Anderson and Mary Lou Kozmik shared their witness as BAs with the community at evening Liturgy of the Hours. They both spoke on some of the Benedictine values they have lived this past year. You can view the ceremony on YouTube.

Linda Anderson’s BA Commitment

“Important pieces to me are stability—you are always here. I witness these values: stability, community and hospitality.”  She explained that she has been changed and is changing. We are all changing and the community is changing. As community, we support each other.  She ended with this prayer:

Let us resolve to do our best, however small our contribution may be. 
To pray this world forward.
Let us make a vision in a work each of us can embrace.
A shared goal that unites us across borders and lifts our hearts and hopes.
Let us resolve to do what we were made to do and do it with abundant joy for God’s glory.

Mary Lou Kozmik’s BA Commitment

This year, the commitment to good zeal has shone forth for me.  Very recently I was blessed with the opportunity to continue what I know as my personal pilgrimage. A friend, Julie, and I just returned from traveling to Greece and Turkey. 

Benedictine Associates Renew Their Commitment
Benedictine Associates Renew Their Commitment

There we met local guides who introduced us to local artisans. In Greece it was perhaps easiest to show respect for one another as our guides told us three times that 90% of the Greek people are practicing Greek orthodox.  They were assertive of that fact and their hospitality was outstanding. Similarly in Turkey our welcome was heartwarming, even as we were told the Islamic culture has become quite secular.  For my part, I never want to forget that all people are one in the body of Christ, however uniquely or unconditionally it may be expressed.  And when I return home to St Paul, I’m aware that it’s this community of Benedictine Sisters who are the bedrock of our Christian faith and the transmission of values like good zeal, humility, hospitality, the love of God and love of neighbor. I deeply appreciate this community and thank you all for these years of loving support.

Our community is so blessed having these women as Benedictine Associates.  They are active in our community especially in liturgy, health care and community events. If you have any questions about being a Benedictine Associate just call 651-777-8181 and ask for Sister Karen Sames.

Associates Renew Their Commitment

Sister Karen Sames, OSB is a member of St. Paul’s Monastery (since 1990). Sister Karen stewards the Benedictine Associate ministry at St. Paul’s Monastery and engages the Monastery’s reception volunteer team.