A Blessed Valentine’s Day | Sr Paula

My dear family and friends, how do we express our deep love for our family of friends on this Valentine's Day in 2022?  Do hearts still represent love and deep feelings of friendship?  Or do we write them a poem in the style of Mindfulness and send a picture that represents our deep creative affection for them in our day of prayer. 

Take a couple deep breaths as you sit comfortably gazing at the beautiful flower arrangement from the Chapel at St. Paul’s Monastery where the Benedictine Sisters and Guests gather three times a day to pray.  What you see was created to inspire people gathering to pray on Valentine’s Day.

Reflect on what you see in that simple arrangement of fresh flowers created to help those who come to pray to reflect on God’s creative presence in all of Mother Earth and all of our love relationships.  As we pray for the ancient psalms for the human family, we are inspired to be aware that underneath the blanket of snow there exists a divine presence in tulip bulbs ready to burst forth with renewed color and beauty. In their very existence that brings renewed hope to all.  Spring will come.  Hope springs eternal.

Reflect on what God’s faithful presence means to you as you pray for your dear friends for sunshine and renewed life for our future and the future of the whole human family.  Let the flowers remind you of the divine presence in all creation.  Listen, reflect and enjoy remembering that you are deeply loved by God and your dear faithful friend, Paula.