2nd Sunday Mass & Brunch

Volunteers welcomed home to the Monastery

Minnesota did not disappoint on Sunday, September 10. The sun rose through crisp air over the Monastery, birds chirped flitting from tree to tree, and the signs of the Monastery coming to life on a Sunday morning were everywhere.

Mission Advancement kicked off the first "2nd Sunday Mass and Brunch" by welcoming back volunteers, past, present, and future. A table prepared in the gathering space held name badges, small tokens of appreciation, and of course some information on upcoming events.

Guests were guided to honored place in chapel by Sister Mary White. The Mass began joyfully in song (the music was so good and lively!). Father Cyprian preached a phenomenal homily on conflict linking in Benedict's own life and aspirations in his Rule. The voices of all in the full chapel brought God great glory!

Dismissed from the Eucharist, Sisters and guests made procession to the dining room. After finding place at table and sharing grace, we lined up for a tasty Sunday breakfast prepared by our dietary team. Sister Linda welcomed not only our volunteers but the Benedictine Center guests from Emmaus. The microphone was passed to all volunteers who shared their name and how they've gifted time here at the Monastery now and in the past.

In that sharing a strong connection was made to the Sisters' mission to the parish of Saint Anne throughout the decades. Jan, a front desk and silent auction volunteer, was a student in the 40s (and had Sister Mary Claire as a classmate). Marie studied at Saint Anne in the 50s and Jeanne in the 60s. The parish of Saint Anne is also home to Saint Joseph Hein for Vietnamese Catholics. Many of our Benedictine Center guests are connected to the Sisters through their home at the campus of Saint Anne/Saint Joseph Hien in North Minneapolis. Friendships old and new! The legacy of the lives touched by our Sisters over the last 75 years is strong, powerful, and life changing.

Mission Advancement will hold the 2nd Sunday Mass and Brunch each month. On October 8, invitation is made to all new donors since COVID to welcome them into the Monastery to see the impact of their support of the mission and ministry of the Sisters. On November 12, we welcome all Sisters Circle society members (those who donate on a monthly basis) and all My Benedictine Legacy society members (those who have designated St. Paul's Monastery or Benedictine Center in their wills and estate plans). All are always welcome for Mass and Brunch on Sundays! Call ahead at 651-777-8181 so that the Sisters expect you and can warmly welcome you.

We are the Monastery together and the more our volunteers, donors, and supporters get to know and build relationship with each of us (and vice versa) the more amazing the work is advancing our mission--together!


Since 2022, Travis Salisbury, OblSB as served the Benedictine Sisters as Director of Mission Advancement for St. Paul's Monastery and Benedictine Center.