Anne Rodenberg, OblSB

Ann Rodenberg, OblSB


Oh God, you give me what I need, when I need it.

Though I may wonder - and get angry, scared, indignant, confused, frustrated - Your good plan eventually revels itself.

In these time, You give so many unexpected gifts:

New, renewed and depended friendships.

Financial security, at last.

Birds to raise and love, bringing mindful meditation each time I feed them and clean the coop.                         Just watching them reminds me of the sacredness of all life and my deep maternal gifts of love and compassion.

Time and space to care for my aging Ginger, my sweet cat companion who, at age 19, is beginning to fail. Her decline and eventual loss is another lesson in patience and compassion from You. May she pass peacefully, quietly, in her sleep. And let me be a comfort to her all the days of her life.

And perhaps your great gift, just what I needed, is the gift of loving home, finally finding
contentment in this internal dwelling, physical and invisible, that I call home.

At last, comfort in my own skin. At last, pleasure in place. Satisfaction and contentment, borne and from not running around. This relief brings Stability and Hope in a home here on Earth, and also an everlasting place with You.

These are my pandemic gifts. All from You, just what I needed.

I await in joyful hope the surprises You bring next, I hope without exception, no outcome in my heart other than to remain open to You will. More will be revealed.