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July 2021 E-Newsletter

July 2021
We  hope you are enjoying the opportunity to shake hands and hug after many months of distancing and stay-at-home. June has offered us some long, hot days. I hope you have enjoyed the start of the summer with picnics, pool parties, and other gatherings with dear friends and family.
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June 2021 E-Newsletter

June 2021
This month marks the beginning of summer in Minnesota. June 20 is the summer solstice, when our planet is tilted so that the Sun shines on its northernmost point on Earth, the imaginary line known as the Tropic of Cancer, about 23° latitude north of the equator. We have longer hours of daylight than on any other day of the year. It is as if the northern hemisphere of the Earth has turned its face toward the Sun, welcoming its warmth and shining light. Certain plants and flowers also have a rhythm of turning toward the Sun, a phenomenon known as heliotropism. In the morning, young sunflowers are turned toward the east, anticipating the sunrise. Throughout the day, they follow the path the Sun traces in the sky, continually re-orienting and turning themselves toward the Sun’s shining light and warmth until sunset in the west. By constantly following the Sun, the young sunflower collects more energy for growing.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Marie Fujan, OSB

November 2021
Sister Marie Fujan was born five days before Christmas and was named Mary Bell since she was deemed the new Fujan family Christmas bell. Sister Marie was the middle child of five with three brothers and one sister. Growing-up on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, to Bohemian parents, Frank and Marie Fujan, her childhood was robust and filled with chores, chickens and gardening.  One of her favorite childhood memories was playing football with her brothers. She remembers wearing her snow pants even in summer to protect herself from getting tackled in the backyard. Another special family memory was being a junior bridesmaid for her sister, Delores, who was eight years older. Sister Marie was very elated to be selected and adored the honorary blue hooped skirt dress for the special occasion.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sisters Andrine & Andriette Schommer, OSB

October 2021
Sisters Andrine and Andriette Schommer were born in Munich, North Dakota, in a family of nine children of German heritage. As identical twins, they shared everything. Twins ran in their family on their Father’s side. When asked what’s life like as a twin, they respond by saying “What’s life like not being a twin?  We’ve never known it any other way!” 
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