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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Susan Bourauel, OSB

May 2021
As a child, Sister Susan Bourauel, OSB, was a bit of a superstar in her hometown of Bruno, Saskatchewan, Canada. She and her five sisters played multiple instruments and sang as part of a musical group, performing at family and church events. Sister Susan’s mother and father, Susan and Peter, were also fine musicians and singers. The family all lent their talents to many special occasions in Bruno.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Sharon Schiller, OSB

April 2021
Sister Sharon Schiller, OSB, is a Minnesota-born girl from the small town of Miesville, just south of the Twin Cities. Her father and mother, Joseph and Odelia, were farmers, and she had three brothers and two sisters. From an early age, Sharon learned a work ethic worthy of a farm family, as she would help unload corn and hay, and work in the garden with her mother. Her favorite chore was baking, and today Sharon admits she still loves baking cookies.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Monica Raway, OSB

March 2021
Sister Monica Raway, OSB, jokes and laughs easily as she talks about her life and what her roles have been in Community. “I am a jack of all trades,” she says with a laugh. When asked what this means she mentions that she has worked in housekeeping as head laundress, as a cook, and even spent some time as the official chauffeur for the Monastery. When asked if she was a good driver, she just says “of course” as if she does everything well.
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Sisters’ Words of Wisdom: Sister Lois Hauwiller, OSB

February 2021
Born on March 25, 1936, Sister Lois remembered that “Mother said I came early and I am glad, as I arrived on the Feast of the Annunciation, and Mary is very precious to me.” Sister Lois, christened Lois Louise Ann Hauwiller in the St. Bonifacius Parish in Minnesota, was welcomed to the family of Francis and Catherine Hauwiller, as their second oldest child.
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