Good Times at Mac’s Diner

Situated on the corner off of historic 7th Avenue E and Margaret Street in North St. Paul, Mac’s Diner serves up delicious food all day serving the community with big smiles and warm hearts.

On February 12, St. Paul’s Monastery was selected to be their community give back partner. By bringing our Monastery community to Mac’s the Sisters received a 30% give back on all sales from 4:00pm until the restaurant closed.

This was the first time the Monastery tried an event like this, but the Sisters were very excited to welcome family, friends, former students and parishioners to Mac’s. As 4:00pm approached the Diner filled up—and stayed full almost to the close! Sisters made their way around the room all evening meeting up with familiar faces and several individuals who were learning about the Monastery for the first time.

There are so many wonderful memories from February 12, here are just a few:

  • Sister Linda Soler found it moving how the Sisters were able to welcome all as Christ outside the walls of the Monastery.
  • Linda and Bob Lawrence reserved the round table behind the booths for seven of the Sisters as their guests. Conversations were sharing memories of past events at the Monastery and the Hill-Murray High school with lots of laughter about the fun times they had working together, a big thank you from all of us!
  • Right at 4:00pm two women (likely in their later 60s) stopped as they were leaving to read our flyer on the door. They bantered back and forth about not knowing the Monastery existed or even where the Monastery was located. It was fun to pop over and share with them that we do indeed exist and exist for them. They’ve lived here their whole life and couldn’t believe they never heard of us before last night.
  • When I arrived at 4:00pm I found a place at the bar. An older gentleman was there playing bingo on an ipad. We chatted a bit and learned that he had a stroke recently that blinded his left eye, and as the restaurant continued to fill his curiosity also increased and we talked about the Monastery. As he was leaving he passed me $5 in cash with a sparkle said “for the Sisters”.
  • Later in the evening a Monday regular came up to me and said “What the heck is going on? Who are all these people?” … and again, it was fun to share our story with someone hearing it for the first time.

While it’ll be a year before we do another event like this at Mac’s, still come on down and check them out! Invite a Sister or two to a meal and catch up or share those powerful memories that makes St. Paul’s Monastery a special place in all our hearts.

It is in the sharing of our stories, made fun by sharing them over a meal, that in all things God is truly glorified.