Year 40 of the Benedictine Center

The Benedictine Center came into being in 1983, founded by Sister Veronica Novotny, OSB. She wanted to create a setting for “those who seek to gain a deeper awareness of God, a greater understanding of self, and a special love for one another and the unity of all persons (Benedictine Center 2024)”.

In August 2023, just 6 months ago, the Sisters celebrated 40 years of this successful ministry. The Center focuses on the wisdom of Benedictine spirituality in its offerings. These offerings can be a one-on-one with a spiritual director, creating a personal retreat, or participating in a group conference or attendance at one of their regular retreat offerings in the Fall and Spring.

Spiritual Direction offers participants the choice of 12 nonjudgemental Directors for discernment of spiritual concerns. They can meet in-person at St. Paul’s Monastery or virtually. Director biographies appear on the Center’s website so it is easy to determine who is the best fit for the particular need.

Retreats at the Benedictine Center come in many forms. Individual retreats work well when life becomes too involved. Take a break and let the Monastery support you! The space itself is cultivated for peace. Retreatants enter a Benedictine space where all are treated as Christ. They receive a private room and meals made from scratch and can join the Sisters in their beautiful chapel for prayer. Retreatants can also reserve rooms as a group. Groups are not limited to retreatants. The Monastery space is also available for various needs like professional conferences, planning sessions, or special events. The Center’s website provides further details.

Now, it is Spring at the Benedictine Center and that means the structured retreat offerings are underway. The first occurred just last week with a group of 14 participants. There are more to follow. See the dates and descriptions below:

Year 40 of the Benedictine center
40th Anniversary Celebration for the Benedictine Center
2024 Assumption Feast
40th Anniversary Celebration for the Benedictine Center

The Benedictine Center continues to provide strong offerings as it steps into year 41. This is a service which enriches the personal and spiritual lives of participants and we invite you to become one of them. You are welcome to stop in, check out www.benedictinecenter.org for more details or give us a call at